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The Elbląg Canal is a distinguishing feature among the tourist attractions of Western Masuria. What is more, it even is a nationwide place of interest. The canal owes this status to its exceptional system of waterways and unique technological innovations. Built between 1844 and 1881 in order to transport goods, the canal still remains working while enchanting its visitors. It is considered a historical monument of the region’s cultural legacy.

Europe-wide, the Elbląg canal is the only canal in use (it has been working for more than 120 years) transporting ships upon land. Four watergates and five ramps helping to surmount the difference of level between Pniewo Lake und Drużno Lake amounting to more than 100 m. They are the most innovative technical facilities making this canal a 19th century technological miracle. What makes the ramps really exceptional is the fact, that they enable ships to go up and down upon grass. For these purposes, platforms have been placed upon tracks and powered by water. The ramps can be marvelled at in the communities of Pasłęk and Rychliki (Elbląg district). The route is composed of three waterways amounting to 130 km and of numerous byways comprising rivers and lakes. Its longest part connects the cities of Ostróda and Elbląg. The second one lies between Miłomłyn and Iława, whereas the shortest one connects Ostróda and Stare Jabłonki.
Thanks to the Elbląg river and the Vistula Lagoon, the canal links Masuria to the Baltic Sea.

The GRUNWALD battlefield - close to the village of Grunwald within the community of the same name and Ostróda district. This place is associated with a crucial moment of Poland’s history. On 15. July 1410, this place was witnessing one of the biggest battles of medieval Europe. The Knights of the Teutonic Order fought against the Polish-Lithuanian forces. It was the latter who finally won the combat. Today, a monument is commemorating the battle. The museum standing to its feet is showing exhibits related to the event. Every year, thousands of knights and tourists from all over Europe come to visit this historic site in order to take part in a gigantic reenactment of the battle.

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